Cashel Western Swayback Cushion Pad


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The Cashel Western Swayback Cushion Pad offers a convenient solution to saddling issues with your horse. They were specially designed to aid in providing optimal comfort and protection as well as to help adjust the fit of your saddle against the horse. They provide an easy way to help horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder or other conformational obstacles through the balanced distribution of saddle pressure.

The Cashel Western Swayback Cushion Pad is made from the same hi-tech foam as other Cashel Cushion pads, each is designed to be ridden next to the horse or on top of a thin blanket or pad. With a 1.5” center that tapers to 3/4” in the front and back, the Western Swayback Cushion Pad helps keep the saddle from riding on the horse’s shoulder and loin by filling in the hollow area on the back of a swayback horse.