Dixie Midnight No Sweat Vent Pad


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The Dixie Midnight No Sweat Vent Pad prevents horse sweat from reaching your saddle pad. Allows your horse to sweat freely and naturally. Prevents infections, fungus, mold, and bacteria caused by a dirty saddle pad. Keeps your horse’s back up to 30% cooler. Prevents saddle pad icing in winter weather. Exclusive heat-sensitive fibers soften at your horse’s body temperature and conform to any horse’s back and won’t crease or lump up. No-Sweat Vent Pads are guaranteed to perform as described or your money back!

The No Sweat Vent Pad is made of interlocked large-diameter polymeric fibers, which are loosely pressed together. (But can’t unravel.) This design creates thousands of air spaces. The air spaces let the air flow over your horse’s back, keeping the horse cooler, even under a very fuzzy saddle pad.

Sweat runs unrestricted through the lower part of the vent pad, down your horse’s sides, just like it’s supposed to. As the sweat leaves your horse, it carries heat with it naturally. The upper part of the vent pad provides fresh, cooling air to your horse’s back. The sweat from your horse cannot reach your saddle pad because it is running through the vent pad and down his side. Your saddle pad stays dry. Standard No Sweat Vent Pads are 30″ x 36″, and six additional larger sizes, all 1/4″ thick, and all lightweight.

36″ x 24″ $139.95 Fits many English saddles, pads, cloths numnah
36″ X 30″ $149.95 Fits most Western saddles, saddle pads
36″ x 34″ $159.95 Fits oversize Western, cutting horse, WP show pads
36″ x 36″ $165.95 Fits Treeless, Dressage, some English
36″ x 38″ $169.95 Fits Bob Marshall w. Skito pad for Endurance, Other Treeless, Small Dressage pads
36″ x 40″ $175.95 Fits Bob Marshall, Sensation, many other Treeless
36″ x 42″ $179.95 Fits Treeless, Some Dressage saddles, Endurance saddles, some Pack, Aussie saddles
36″ x 46″ $189.95 Fits Treeless, Dressage saddles, some Aussies, Endurance, Police, and Pack saddles