Supracor Racing Cool Grip Saddle Pad


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The Supracor Racing Cool Grip Saddle Pad is designed for racehorses. This ultra-lightweight, ventilated Cool Grip will keep your high performance athlete’s back cool and comfortable in the heat of competition. Features Stimulite Honeycomb for exceptional shock-absorbing protection and stability. Slightly thinner for closer contact.

Supracor Racing Cool Grip Saddle Pad are the best therapeutic saddle pads on the market! Supracor Racing Cool Grip Saddle Pads have unique perforations within honeycomb walls which circulates the air and evaporates moisture so your horse’s back stays cool and comfortable.

Tested by competitive trail and endurance riders, this The Supracor Racing Cool Grip Saddle Pad is 3/4-inch thick for the rigorous demands of barrel racing. Supracor’s uniquely modern, lightweight Cool Grip distributes weight uniformly over your horse’s back while providing exceptional stability. The honeycomb cells flex with your horse’s movements to absorb shock and minimize shearing.

Anatomically designed for a custom fit. For best ventilation, it is created to be placed directly on the horse’s back, without a cover and is made from an antibacterial and antifungal material, Supracor pads will last longer and perform better if they’re kept clean. Sponge or hose off after use, shake to remove excess water and air dry.