Supracor Western Cool Grip Saddle Pad


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The Supracor Western Cool Grip Saddle Pad feature Stimulite honeycomb, a revolutionary cushioning material that has been proven to be highly effective in preventing and healing pressure sores among wheelchair users, and cancer and burn patients.

The Supracor Western Cool Grip Saddle Pad uses a sophisticated honeycomb technology derived from the aerospace program. Supracor created the first and only saddle pads that provide Total Pressure Management ~ pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture ~ the key to preventing sore backs in horses.

Manufactured from an advanced medical grade material that’s antibacterial and antifungal. The Stimulite honeycomb distributes weight uniformly over your horse’s back to relieve pressure while providing exceptional stability. The honeycomb cells contour and flex with your horse’s movements to absorb shock and prevent the saddle pad from slipping. Tiny perforations in the honeycomb cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture so your horse’s back stays cool and comfortable. Washable, simply hose off and shake dry.

The Supracor Western Cool Grip Saddle Pad has ample honeycomb in the rear to easily accommodates the extra weight of saddle bags. Available in Black only. 30″ L x 26″ W