Leather Western Headstall


The Leather Western Headstall made by Synergist Saddles .

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The Synergist Saddles Leather Western Headstall. You can now have a matching all leather headstall made for your Synergist Saddle! The leather is hand dyed and hand finished just like the saddles. This headstall features double cheek adjustments and hardware in stainless steel or brass. Looks great going down the trail. It’s a perfect compliment to a Synergist Saddle. (Bit and reins not included.) This Leather Western Headstall is hand made to order. Please allow 5 to 7 days to ship.

A little history ~ Western tack and the western style of riding has been around for hundreds of years and came from the Spanish Conquistadors who first brought it to America where it was adopted by the American Cowboy. The Western headstall is very similar to the English but does not have a noseband. Because a cowboy needed to keep a hand free for roping the he would train his horse to neck rein and move off the slightest pressure.